Stuck? Get unstuck!

Are you STUCK?  In a job that you don’t want or like.  In a relationship that you know is not fulfilling. So let’s talk about the word S T U C K. Stuck stands for:

Stuck - Get unstuck | Deadman Talking

Let me explain, You are currently STUCK in a job that you know is dragging you down and wasting your life. However it pays the bills.

Stability is the knowledge that you show up to work and that you will receive a paycheck that will pay for the things that you need.  Food in the refrigerator, a roof over your head, the bills, etc….

Time lost.  The time that you are spending at a job that no longer feeds your passion and soul.  What was it the you were going to do to change the world when you were young?

You.  It really is all about you.  How do want to show up in this world. You create your own reality. Regardless, if you believe it or not.  Just like gravity.

Confinement is knowing that you have to get up and go to a place that you must report in to.  Be forced to work with people that you have no desire to interact with and do tasks that are mind numbing.  At least in prison, you know what crime you have been charged with…even if your are innocent of the crime.  What crime did you commit to end up with This JOB?

KILO stands for 1000.  They say a picture paints(says) a 1000 words. What  does your canvas look like?  Is this what you envisioned for your life at this point in time?  If not, why not?

So now comes the million dollar question, what’s next?

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