One Year To Love/Live

Glen Robinson | Deadman TalkingIt is an interesting feeling to be told that you may only have a year to live. No one knows how long we have on this planet. Planning your funeral at an age that you thought you would sail through is quite an experience. You really thought that you would be burying your parents before you go. Now that may not be the case.

Hi, my name is Glenford Robinson. I am a hypnotist and life coach. The story I relay above is not some fantasy of my mind, but my reality. I have had 3 Heart Attacks resulting in myself having a condition known as Congestive Heart Failure or CHF for short.

Why do I tell you all this? It is my desire that you would live your life, not someone’s else’s dreams. Of the people I see, I can tell you that most are not living there Purpose, Vocation or Passion. Many times I have heard the words, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow-up. This is not from middle schoolers or teenagers but Adults. Or you where told to put those dreams away and get a J O B.

I myself had no idea what I wanted to be until my mid forties. Of course, there are clues along the way, but I hadn’t realized that in my earlier years.

So what about you?? Are you living your DREAMS or just wishing? Here is the exercise….What would you do if you only had one year to live??? Not sure…no problem…Talk To Me. Connect with me for a free 20 minute consultation….lets see if you qualify for what I have to offer you.